Five Cool Facts about Biker Rings

Five Cool Facts about Biker Rings

Five Cool Facts about Biker Rings

We all admire solid and tough biker rings that seem to be feature a pretty badass character. Biker jewelry, apparently, never goes out of style so regardless of current trends, you will always be in vogue if you sport such a ring. Do you know how these ornaments have been originated or why they are made of silver? You have a chance to learn something new with these 5 cool facts about biker rings.

Fact #1: The History

The first biker rings were made of nickel, bronze, and silver. After the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920), Mexican currency, Peso, suffered a severe devaluation. Centavos (coins) have basically lost their value. Mexican craftsmen began to melt them down and use as a base for jewelry production. Thus, Pesos were reborn to give life to a new kind of jewelry, biker rings, also known as Mexican biker rings. In 1940-50’s motorcycle clubs often rode pass border towns, where they eventually discovered these tough-looking jewelry items. Back in the day, a biker ring made in Mexico cost only 5 dollars, so no wonder that they quickly spread across the entire United States.

Fact #2: Brass Knuckles

Biker culture has been originated in the United States after World War II. Bikers, as you know, are fiery and hot-tempered people. There was a tension between many motorcycle gangs so fisticuffs became a usual thing. In such hand-to-hand fighting, brass knuckles are indispensable, but in many states, they were prohibited. Then the bikers turned their attention to the Mexican rings. Massive and heavy, they served as an excellent substitute for brass knuckles. This gave an impetus to the popularity of biker rings, which in more or less unchanged form have survived to the present day.

Fact #3: Skulls

The most widespread motif to be seen in biker rings is skulls. It comes as no surprise that badass bikers adopted this intimidating symbol. However, if you dig a little deeper, you will understand that skulls have much profound meaning. Many ancient cultures revered skulls thanks to their multifaceted nature. A skull can simultaneously symbolize destruction and a new beginning. Thus, it represents a circle of life. A skull is also a mark of the death. Bikers believe that if you have a piece of jewelry with a skull, the death will not come after you.

Fact #4: Silver

Although many ornaments are now made of brass, steel, and even titanium to ensure a greater duration and reduce the cost, the metal number one for skull biker men's rings production is silver. The pure metal is used rarely because it is soft and prone to breakage, but with a little addition of copper, it acquires necessary hardness and durability. There are several reasons that made silver the biker’s favorite. First of all, its cold white sheen resembles the luster of chromed motorcycle parts. Second, silver accessories really pop when combined with dark biker outfits and leather. Finally, this noble metal has antibacterial properties, it rarely causes allergies, and, in general, it features a positive energy.

Fact #5: Elvis had a Biker Ring

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a burly guy with enormous hands to rock these rings. Even the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis, had an authentic Mexican biker rings. They are heavy and bulky indeed and you’ll probably need some time to get used to their weight on your finger, but once you adjust, these rings will feel like they belong here.